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fire safe candles from buy candle impressions.Flameless Battery Operated Candles By Candle Impressions. The Thoroughly Modern Way To Enjoy Your Candles. Fire Safe, Soot Free, Economical Too.

Candle Impressions Is The Innovation Leader In Realistic Battery Operated Candles. Candle Impressions flameless wax candles use the newest electronic technology and special LED bulbs to create a perfectly realistic flickering wax candle. Candle Impression's patented Smart Chamber design permits a powerful inner-glow within a sealed light-chamber. This feature, unique to Candle Impressions, creates a completely wax sealed top capped with a realistic blackened wick. No other battery operated candle can archive this level of realism. Only the finest waxes and fragrances are selected for the Line. Our candles have been widely praised by fire chiefs, fire marshals and safety officials. Many local fire codes and ordinances expressly prohibit the use of fire burning candles. Battery Operated LED candles solve the problem of fire danger and regulations without sacrificing the beauty and ambience of real wax candles. Buy flameless candles now with our risk free 30 day money back guarantee.